About Optima 


There are companies struggling to find answers to age old questions on how to scale and achieve exponential growth and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales & marketing teams.  They need help finding the right people.  They need help getting bedrock technology to support and scale their business.  They need leadership and someone to come along side them and help them forward.  At Optima, we are your one stop shop to partnering with you to solve these challenges.  


Who:  We are a team and a network of highly skilled executive leaders, consultants, recruiters and technologists with a passion for sales and marketing solutions.  

What:   We offer sales consulting, technology, and talent acquisition services with a focus on sales, business development, and marketing.  

How:  We provide very personalized, customer facing, tailored solutions on a retained basis ensuring you receive the very best and most individualized attention.  

Why:  We want you to grow your businesses, help you have fun doing it, and see results that improve the trajectory of your revenue and profit goals.