Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure you have questions.  Some of answers to the more frequently asked questions are below.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-821-7355 or contact us via the web.

 01  How much does it cost?

Optima provides a sliding scale and retainers depending on projects.  Our typical bill rates for executive sales consulting are based on a range of $125 per hour to $250 per hour.  Optima recruiting services range on a fee from 20% to 30% of first year's base compensation with special considerations given to start-ups to ease cash flow concerns. Software varies greatly depending on scope and users, however, Optima offers both on-premise and SaaS based solutions.  Any third party solutions are quoted separately.  

 02  When can someone start?

Optima strives to begin as quickly as your leadership and stakeholder's schedules will allow.  Normal engagements usually kick off within 2 weeks of contract execution or letter of intent, but Optima is willing to start within 24 hours in cases where emergencies arise such as death, termination or illness of a senior leader on your executive team.  

 03  What are Optima's proprietary tools written in?

Optima's CRM and BI tools are Java Platform based solutions, thus most of the programs are written Java, HTML, and JavaScript.  Our preferred databases are MS SQL Server and Oracle.  We run on a multitude of application server environments including Apache TomCat, JBoss, and Oracle's WebLogic.  Most  of our customers choose to let Optima worry about writing the code.  Optima can also host the applications on our cloud so implementations are simple, fast and easy.    

 04  Are there specific methodologies or systems Optima endorses?

Optima is a fan of the best practices and preferred methodologies that work for your business.  Of course Optima is familiar with many of the market leading approaches and sales industry namesakes.  Optima typically blends the best approaches and tailors them to your specific needs.  Optima endorses doing more of what works and less of what doesn't.    

 05  How big is too big?  How small is to small?

Our biggest projects have been with Fortune 500 sales teams.  Optima's smallest customers have had less than ten sales and marketing members on their team.  The reality is we won't take on a project if we don't think we can help or meet the objectives laid out in the project charter.