Optimizing for Growth, Scalability, and Predictability


Sales might be lagging.  Growth could be stronger.  Organizational turnover is causing risk. There is a general lack of urgency.  Time seems to be a limiting factor. Motivation and incentives aren't getting the desired results. Performance is inconsistent even with top producers.  Sales cycles are growing longer.  Customer conversion has fallen off.  Forecasts have become inconsistent.  Perhaps things are good and systems need to be built so the business can scale.  Whatever the challenge or opportunity, Optima offers a comprehensive set of assessments and consulting expertise to diagnose, make recommendations, and implement the changes.  

Do Your Reps Possess What it Takes to Win? 

Mindset - Is their thinking hopeful, faithful and expectant?


Motivation - Do they believe they will be rewarded thus achieve their personal and professional ambitions?


Methodology - Is there a proven documented process or happy path so that success is repeatable and scalable?

What Else Could Give You a Positive Shift in Results?

Culture - How would assess your culture either negatively or positively?  

Communications - Is leadership effectively communicating goals, values, mission and culture?

Compensation - Sometimes it is simply adjusting compensation to match market rates and other times a shift in incentive compensation will work.  Have you evaluated your compensation lately relative to market?

Have you Equipped Your Organization to Succeed? 

Tools - Does your technology enable or hinder efforts of the team?

Time Management - Do log jams exist, high paid persons perform remedial tasks, or feeling of not enough hours in the day?

Talent - From the back office to the front office, are you hiring the best-most capable resources available and then deploying them correctly?