Sales Operations Meets Technology ExSellence


Do you have the right tools?  Can you accurately forecast?  Do your tools automate or hinder your sales effectiveness?  Are you able to predict results?  Are your executive dashboards enabling you to drive your business or simply re-actively reporting past results?  At Optima we work with you to ensure your portfolio of tools is meeting the demands of the sales organization, provide guidance on how to close the gaps to improve performance and user satisfaction, and provide a safe and cost effective ways to test new tools and measure the results.

Technology Assessment & Alignment


Technology should enable, not disable. Rarely is the intention behind the automation poor, but a bad user experience can actually result in decreased morale, extended sales cycles, and reduced time in front of customers. Alternatively, easy enhancements or small tweaks can sometimes lead to monumental improvements along with decommissioning outdated or misplaced technology resulting in additional cost savings.   

Custom CRM / BI Tools from Optima

Optima offers a fully customizable Industry Top 15 Solution with a market leading base of capabilities. As an Optima customer, you'll enjoy the luxury of a rich array of standard functionality, quickly and economically adapted to your unique needs. Add shorter implementation times and seamless integration with other system’s data and it becomes clear why a personalized version of ExSellence Software should be your CRM and Business Intelligence system of choice.

Refactor, Replace, or Motivate Compliance


Rarely is a company's portfolio of systems incapable of meeting the needs of their sales organization.  After analyzing the results of the technology assessment, Optima assists you to determine the feasibility and trade-offs of keeping and adapting what you got or seeking alternatives in the market place including software selection, pricing and project execution to ensure results are realized.